The Proportional Representation Society of Australia (PRSA) advocates for Federal, State and Local Government to be directly elected using multi-member electoral districts, with votes counted using the single transferable vote (STV) form of proportional representation. This is the gold standard of electoral systems.

Upgrading to the gold standard delivers:

  • a group of representatives (the parliament) that better reflects the views of voters;
  • a higher proportion of voters with a representative in their district that they actually voted for;
  • more stability for the major parties (a small swing won’t result in a large change in their number of seats); and
  • a simple way for the major parties to be non-discriminatory (parties can pre-select both male and female candidates);
  • a simple way for the major parties to manage transitions (parties can pre-select both a sitting member and a renewal candidate).

The gold standard of electoral systems is already used for Tasmania’s House of Assembly and for the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory, each with 5-member districts.

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