The Proportional Representation Society of Australia (PRSA) advocates for Federal, State and Local Government to be directly elected using the gold standard of electoral systems; multi-member electoral districts, with votes counted using the single transferable vote (STV) form of proportional representation.

Upgrading to the gold standard would:

  • deliver a group of representatives (the parliament) that better reflects the views of voters;
  • ensure that many more voters have a representative in their district that they actually voted for; and
  • enable voters to choose between candidates from the same party.

The gold standard of electoral systems is already used for Tasmania’s House of Assembly and for the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory, each with 5-member districts.

If you are a newcomer to electoral systems, visit our context page, and then progress to our benefits, principles and policies pages. Our library offers definitions and explanations on a variety of terms. Interested supporters are invited to join.